BABAJI IS LOVE – Beautiful Devotional Song by Shri M. Govindan

babaji 1

Prime Important Immortality Secret of Shri Mahavatar Babaji is – To become the pure medium of “LOVE Of GOD” – Which is – Universal Unconditional Selfless Love towards all the living beings without any discrimination like the SUN – who shines & gives light of life to entire creation with equal love towards all….In this beautiful song the Divine Nature of Babaji is expressed very well….Thanks to Shri M. Govindan for this beautiful composition…..

“Babaji is Love”

1.To be a ship, a dyke and a bridge for those who seek the farther shore,

A lamp for those who need a lamp and a bed for those who need a bed,

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji.

2. To be a balm to the sick, their healer and servitor,

To quench – with the rains of food and drink – the anguish of hunger and thirst,

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji.

3. In the famine of ages end, He is our drink and food,

He fills and thrills the world with the bliss of His being,

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji.

4. He beats in every heart, and He throbs in every pulse,

He sees through every eye, and He smiles in every flower,

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji.

5. He hisses in the wind and He surges in the rolling seas,

He roars in the thunder and He shines in the lightening…..

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji.

6. He is the “All in One” and the “One in All”,

He cares not for natures laws,

Death is a joke to Him, for He is the “Death of Death”,

With love love and nothing but love, Babaji is love and love is Babaji,

And the SathGuru is within our hearts, Babaji is love and love is Babaji

                              “OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAH AUM”




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Annai 1



  1. Her name is Nagalakshmi Devi.
  2. She is sister of Babaji.
  3. She is embodiment of kriya yoga power.
  4. She is embodiment of kundalini power.
  5. She is embodiment of universal motherhood.
  6. She is embodiment of yogic power [i.e. The power which comes through union with the GOD].
  7. She is the great siddha [perfect master].
  8. She is the great yogini [perfect yoga practitioner].
  9. She is the great conqueror of death.
  10. She is the embodiment of the Divine Nectar.
  11. She is the follower of Shri Vidhya [science of power of supreme mother/origin of universe].
  12. She is the embodiment of Shri Vidhya.
  13. She is the Master of Shri Yantra Sadhana [Graphical representation of Shri Vidhya is called as Shri Yantra].
  14. She is the meditator of Shri Yantra.
  15. She is the knower of the secret of Shri Vidhya.
  16. She is the giver of Shri Vidhya.
  17. She likes to worship Holy Basil plant [Tulasi].
  18. She likes the cluster of Holy Basil plant.
  19. She likes to move around the Holy Basil plant [parikrama].
  20. She lives at Gauri-Shankar peetham Aashram [shrine].
  21. She also lives at Gupta Kashi.
  22. She is the Hidden Yogini.
  23. She is the Yogini who knows the secret science.
  24. She is the giver of the secret science.
  25. She performs tapasya [penance] inside the under-ground cave.
  26. She has Divine powers equivalent to Shri Babaji.
  27. She is having mastery over five elements [i.e. Ether, air, fire, water & earth].
  28. She is master of ten Maha-Vidhyas [super sciences].
  29. She is beyond “Kaal” [i.e. Time & Death].
  30. She is having 8 great miraculous powers [Ashta Maha-Siddhis].
  31. She is having glowing form.
  32. She is having Divine form.
  33. She is extremely beautiful.
  34. She speaks very gently & sweetly.
  35. She inspires Babaji also.
  36. She is forever.
  37. Her mind is very pure.
  38. She is dressed in white cloths.
  39. She is Param-Hansa [A very higher divine state of consciousness ].
  40. She is the great liberated one.
  41. She is having the long beautiful hair locks.
  42. She is peaceful.
  43. She is very motherly caring.
  44. She is very compassionate.
  45. She takes care of the surrendered devotee like a mother.
  46. She fulfills desires of the devotee.
  47. She is the giver of Divine Nectar.
  48. She is like a wish-fulfilling Divine tree [Kalpa-vriksha].
  49. She is giver of Divine powers & accomplishment of Yog.
  50. She gives unlimited food to the devotees.
  51. She gives Divine blessings to the devotees.
  52. She gives favor to the devotees.
  53. She shows mercy & unchain the mind & soul of devotee [from ego & desires].
  54. She gives peace to a devotee.
  55. She gives liberation to a devotee.
  56. She removes sins of a devotee.
  57. She removes sorrow of a devotee.
  58. She removes despair of a devotee.
  59. She removes impurities of a devotee.
  60. She makes a devotee like her self [i.e. takes at higher spiritual level like her self].
  61. She removes the impurities of Kali yuga [age of darkness].
  62. She is actively interested in establishment of Satya yuga [the age of truth & knowledge].
  63. She is actively interested in spreading of Universal love & selfless service.
  64. She has the knowledge of the Ultimate Reality – The Supreme God.
  65. She has the knowledge of the Supreme Power of God.
  66. She has the powerful activated “Third Eye”.
  67. She is embodiment of the Divine Cosmic Sound of “OM”.
  68. She is embodiment of “Truth-Consciousness-Bliss”.
  69. She is embodiment of “Brahma-Vidhya” [Science of Divine Transformation].
  70. She likes Swastika-Mudra [gesture of crossed hands].
  71. She likes to sit in Lotus posture [Padmasana].
  72. She accomplishes all the Arthas [i.e. nessecities of a devotee].
  73. She is the giver of wealth.
  74. She is embodiment of the powers of all Mantras [i.e. mystic spells].
  75. She is remover of all dualism.
  76. She is giver of all types of Siddhies [miraculous powers].
  77. She can give all types of Prosperity.
  78. She can do all well.
  79. She frees from all types of sorrow.
  80. She pacifies all types of death [causing diseases].
  81. She removes all types of obstacles [in the path of spiritual perfection].
  82. She gives all types of good fortunes.
  83. She is all-knowing one.
  84. She has all the powers.
  85. She can give all types of higher authorities.
  86. She is embodiment of wisdom.
  87. She can remove all types of diseases & worries.
  88. She is embodiment of Sanjeevani Vidhya [Science of Restoring Life Force].
  89. She gives support to the life of a devotee.
  90. She removes all the sins [& purifies a devotee].
  91. She is embodiment of all types of Divine Bliss.
  92. She can give all types of Divine Bliss.
  93. She can give all types of Divine protection.
  94. She is the Divine protector of the world.
  95. She is the embodiment of Divine light.
  96. She is without ego.
  97. She is like a Chintamani Ratna [a wish fulfilling gem-stone].
  98. She is always there to help a devotee.
  99. She is Omnipresent.
  100. She is having a great strength.
  101. She is embodiment of Divine Mother Goddess.
  102. She comes quickly to help a devotee.
  103. She travels through the Ether [Sky].
  104. She has a very long life.
  105. She is ever youth.
  106. She is embodiment of Raja-Vidhya [i.e. Science of Soul-God union].
  107. She has power of one-pointedness [i.e. Bindu-peetha].
  108. She has achieved greatest Divine state [i.e. Maha-peetha].
  109. She is embodiment of Divine Science [i.e. Vidhya-peetha].
  110. She is embodiment of Ever-Blissful state [i.e. Aananda-peetha].
  111. She is embodiment of Divine Star [i.e. Taara].
  112. She has united the power Three eyes & have control over 3 gunas – Sattva, Rajas & Tamas.
  113. She has merged her consciousness with the Origin of all the universes – The Supreme Mother Goddess [i.e. Aadhya Shakti].
  114. She is the embodiment of Mother Nature.
  115. She has supreme powers beyond description.
  116. She remains in ever blissful state.
  117. She can give ever blissful state to a devotee.
  118. She can give victory [over inner & outer enemies].
  119. She can give Divine Sight [by opening the Third Eye].
  120. She gives the knowledge about Divinity.
  121. She can lift the consciousness of the devotee up to the highest level of spirituality [i.e. The complete merger with the Supreme GOD – which is called as “Parama-pada”].

                            II OM BHAGINI MATAJI NAMAH OM II


                                OM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTIHI:

                                     [OM PEACE PEACE PEACE]

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Annai Nagalakshmi Deviyar

These names of shri Annai are in Sanskrit & written in English alphabet. These 121 names can be called as – “Ekavinshottar Shat Naamavali of Shri Annai Nagalakshmi Deviyar”…….Let us worship Babaji’s Holy Sister for her divine blessings – with these beautiful names which describes her divine personality, spiritual qualities & achievements….NO COPYRIGHT over these names…..”OM BHAGINI MATAJI NAMAH OM”


  1. OM SHRI Nagalakshmi Devyei namah:
  2. OM SHRI Babaji Bhaginyei namah:
  3. OM SHRI Kriya Shakti Swarupayei namah:
  4. OM SHRI Kundalini Shakti Swarupayei namah:
  5. OM SHRI Matru Shakti Swarupayei namah:
  6. OM SHRI Yog Shakti Swarupayei namah:
  7. OM SHRI Maha Siddhayei namah:
  8. OM SHRI Maha Yoginyei namah:
  9. OM SHRI Maha Mrityunjayayei namah:
  10. OM SHRI Amrita Swarupayei namah:
  11. OM SHRI Vidhya upasikayei namah:
  12. OM SHRI Vidhya Swrupayei namah:
  13. OM SHRI Yantra Siddhayei namah:
  14. OM SHRI Yantra Dyaanasthayei namah:
  15. OM SHRI Vidhya Rahasyagyayei namah:
  16. OM SHRI Vidhya pradaayei namah:
  17. OM SHRI Tulasi-van pujan tatparayei namah:
  18. OM SHRI Tulasi-van priyayei namah:
  19. OM SHRI Tulasi-van parikrama karayei namah:
  20. OM SHRI Gauri-Shankar peethasthayei namah:
  21. OM SHRI Gupta-Kaashi nivasinyei namah:
  22. OM SHRI Gupta-Yoginyei namah:
  23. OM SHRI Rahasya-Yoginyei namah:
  24. OM SHRI Rahasya Vidhya Gyaan pradayei namah:
  25. OM SHRI Bhoomi-Gata Gupta guha madhye tapasya-rate namah:
  26. OM SHRI Babaji samaan siddhi dharayei namah:
  27. OM SHRI Pancha-Mahabhuta jayayei namah:
  28. OM SHRI Dasha-Maha-Vidhya dharayei namah:
  29. OM SHRI Kaal-atitayei namah:
  30. OM SHRI Ashta Maha-Siddhi dharayei namah:
  31. OM SHRI Tejomurtayei namah:
  32. OM SHRI Divya Swarupayei namah:
  33. OM SHRI Ati Sundar Rupayei namah:
  34. OM SHRI Madhur vachan vadinyei namah:
  35. OM SHRI Babaji prerana pradayinye namah:
  36. OM SHRI Shashvatyei namah:
  37. OM SHRI Nirmal Manasayei namah:
  38. OM SHRI Shwetambar dharayei namah:
  39. OM SHRI Param-Hansayei namah:
  40. OM SHRI Maha-Muktayei namah:
  41. OM SHRI Dirgha Kuntala dharayei namah:
  42. OM SHRI Shanta Swarupayei namah:
  43. OM SHRI Vatsalya-Murtayei namah:
  44. OM SHRI Karuna-Murtayei namah:
  45. OM SHRI Sharanagat-Vatsalayei namah:
  46. OM SHRI Bhakta kaamana pari-purikayei namah:
  47. OM SHRI Amrita pradayei namah:
  48. OM SHRI Kalpa-vriksha Swarupayei namah:
  49. OM SHRI Yog-siddhi pradayei namah:
  50. OM SHRI Akshay anna pradayei namah:
  51. OM SHRI Bhakta Aashirvaad pradayei namah:
  52. OM SHRI Bhakta krupa pradayei namah:
  53. OM SHRI Bhakta Anugraha pradayei namah:
  54. OM SHRI Bhakta Shanti pradayei namah:
  55. OM SHRI Bhakta Mukti pradayei namah:
  56. OM SHRI Bhakta paap harayei namah:
  57. OM SHRI Bhakta shoka harayei namah:
  58. OM SHRI Bhakta santaap harayei namah:
  59. OM SHRI Bhakta dosha harayei namah:
  60. OM SHRI Bhakta swa-samaan karayei namah:
  61. OM SHRI Kali-dosha harayei namah:
  62. OM SHRI Satya-yuga sthapana tatparayei namah:
  63. OM SHRI Divya prema prasaarinyei namah:
  64. OM SHRI Paramatma Gyaan dharayei namah:
  65. OM SHRI Param-Shakti Gyaan dharayei namah:
  66. OM SHRI Tri-Netra dharayei namah:
  67. OM SHRI Nada-Brahma swarupayei namah:
  68. OM SHRI Sat-Chit-Aanand Swarupayei namah:
  69. OM SHRI Brahma-Vidhya Swarupayei namah:
  70. OM SHRI Swastika Mudra priyayei namah:
  71. OM SHRI Padmasana Sthitayei namah:
  72. OM SHRI Sarva Artha Saadhikayei namah:
  73. OM SHRI Sarva Sampatti purinyei namah:
  74. OM SHRI Sarva Mantra mayyei namah:
  75. OM SHRI Sarva Dwandwa-kshayam-karyei namah:
  76. OM SHRI Sarva Siddhi pradayei namah:
  77. OM SHRI Sarva Sampatti pradayei namah:
  78. OM SHRI Sarva Mangal Karinyei namah:
  79. OM SHRI Sarva Dukkha Vimochinyei namah:
  80. OM SHRI Sarva Mrityu Prashamanyei namah:
  81. OM SHRI Sarva Vighna Nivarinyei namah:
  82. OM SHRI Sarva Saubhagya Dayinyei namah:
  83. OM SHRI Sarvagyayei namah:
  84. OM SHRI Sarva Shakti Mayyei namah:
  85. OM SHRI Sarva Aishwarya Pradayei namah:
  86. OM SHRI Sarva Gyaan Mayyei namah:
  87. OM SHRI Sarva Vyadhi Vinashinyei namah:
  88. OM SHRI Sanjeevani Vidhya Swarupayei namah:
  89. OM SHRI Sarva-Aadhar Swarupayei namah:
  90. OM SHRI Sarva paap harayei namah:
  91. OM SHRI Sarva Aanand Mayyei namah:
  92. OM SHRI Sarva Aanand Pradayei namah:
  93. OM SHRI Sarva Raksha Swarupinyei namah:
  94. OM SHRI Jagat Rakshikayei namah:
  95. OM SHRI Jyoti Swarupayei namah:
  96. OM SHRI Garva Rahitayei namah:
  97. OM SHRI Chintamani Ratna Rupayei namah:
  98. OM SHRI Nitya Swarupayei namah:
  99. OM SHRI Vishwa Vyapini Swarupayei namah:
  100. OM SHRI Maha-Balayei namah:
  101. OM SHRI Devi Swarupayei namah:
  102. OM SHRI Twaritayei namah:
  103. OM SHRI Aakash Gaminyei namah:
  104. OM SHRI Chiranjeevinyei namah:
  105. OM SHRI Nitya Youvanayei namah:
  106. OM SHRI Raaj-Vidhyayei namah:
  107. OM SHRI Bindu Peetha-sthayei namah:
  108. OM SHRI Maha Peetha-sthayei namah:
  109. OM SHRI Vidhya Peetha-sthayei namah:
  110. OM SHRI Aananda Peetha-sthayei namah:
  111. OM SHRI Taara Swarupayei namah:
  112. OM SHRI Tripura Swarupayei namah:
  113. OM SHRI Aadhya Swarupayei namah:
  114. OM SHRI Mula-Prakriti Swarupayei namah:
  115. OM SHRI Anirvachya Aishwarya Swarupayei namah:
  116. OM SHRI Nitya-Aanand karyei namah:
  117. OM SHRI Nitya-Aanand pradayei namah:
  118. OM SHRI Jaya pradayei namah:
  119. OM SHRI Divya drishti pradayei namah:
  120. OM SHRI Divya Gyaan pradayei namah:
  121. OM SHRI Param-Pada pradayei namah:




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Dear readers, this is an English translation of 108 holy names of shri Mahavatar Babaji [i.e. Ashtottar shat naamavali of shri Babaji]……We are thankful to the composer of these names…..Let us worship lovingly our supreme immortal Master Babaji by reciting these holy names which describes his spiritual achievements & divine qualities…..May these names bring Divine Grace & Happiness in our life and enhance our material as well as spiritual progress……with best wishes to all of you……MAY GOD BLESS YOU……OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAH OM.


  1. Salutations to Lord Shri Babaji.
  2. Salutations to the enlightened Master.
  3. Salutations to the greatest conquerer of death.
  4. Salutations to the all knowing one (omniscient).
  5. Salutations to shri Babaji who gave kriya yoga to the world.
  6. Salutations to the one who loves his devotees.
  7. Salutations to shri Babaji the remover of all fears.
  8. Salutations to the giver of protection.
  9. Salutations to the giver of power.
  10. Salutations to the savior of people who have none.
  11. Salutations to the teacher of the principle of self-less love.
  12. Salutations to the giver of kriya yoga.
  13. Salutations to Shankara, the Shiva Himself.
  14. Salutations to the God of yogis.
  15. Salutations to the one holding “Chin-mudra” (a hand gesture).
  16. Salutations to the giver of all siddhies (miraculous powers).
  17. Salutations to Shri Kriya Babaji.
  18. Salutations to the One worshiped by the siddha yogis.
  19. Salutations to the reviver of the great kriya yoga technique.
  20. Salutations to the Lord of Time.
  21. Salutations to the great Guru (Master) of Shri Aadi Shankaracharya.
  22. Salutations to the protector of the world.
  23. Salutations to the protector of kriya yoga.
  24. Salutations to the provider of kriya yoga.
  25. Salutations to Shri Babaji the protector of the kriya yogis.
  26. Salutations to Shri Babaji who embraces all religions and is the peerless Master.
  27. Salutations to the embodiment of Love.
  28. Salutations to Shri Babaji who loves Yog-asanas (different yogic postures).
  29. Salutations to Shri Babaji holding “Gyaan-mudra” (a hand gesture).
  30. Salutations to the Embodiment of Truth.
  31. Salutations to the formless Guru (Invisible Master).
  32. Salutations to the destroyer of desire & anger.
  33. Salutations to the Embodiment of Shiva & Shakti.
  34. Salutations to the remover of vagaries of mind.
  35. Salutations to the One who is form of Love.
  36. Salutations to the Guru who looks after the welfare of the world.
  37. Salutations to Babaji who is the embodiment of eternal light for many Eons.
  38. Salutations to the Provider & Protector of his devotees.
  39. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has provided the essence of kriya yoga.
  40. Salutations to the One who is worshiped by the kriya yogis.
  41. Salutations to the reviver of the ancient technique of kriya yoga as mentioned by Lord Shri Krishna to Shri Arjuna.
  42. Salutations to Shri Babaji Nagaraj.
  43. Salutations to the One who has a very majestic form.
  44. Salutations to the One who has a very peaceful form.
  45. Salutations to the Embodiment of all virtues.
  46. Salutations to the Father of this world.
  47. Salutations to the remover of all miseries.
  48. Salutations to Shri Babaji who demonstrated to us the kriya yoga technique.
  49. Salutations to THE DEATH OF DEATH ITSELF.
  50. Salutations to Shri Babaji who provides peace & comfort.
  51. Salutations to the One who lives in devotees hearts.
  52. Salutations to the Preserver and Maintainer of the world.
  53. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has all his senses under his control.
  54. Salutations to the Protector of Sanatana Dharma (Eternal Righteousness).
  55. Salutations to the Lord of the Siddhas (Divine Masters).
  56. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has great deathless form.
  57. Salutations to the greatest teacher of kriya yoga.
  58. Salutations to Shri Babaji who lives in all beings.
  59. Salutations to the Embodiment of the divine virtues of self (the divine Soul).
  60. Salutations to the great disciple of Immortal Sage Agastiyar.
  61. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Greatest ever Liberated (from the limitations & bondages of this material world).
  62. Salutations to Shri Babaji whose glory is unfathomable.
  63. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has extremely beautiful form.
  64. Salutations to Shri Babaji who completely destroys moha (attachment) and maya (illusion).
  65. Salutations to Shri Babaji being the witness of limit-less Time.
  66. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Embodiment of Light.
  67. Salutations to Shri Babaji who himself is the complete form of kriya yoga.
  68. Salutations to Shri Babaji who is all merciful.
  69. Salutations to Shri Babaji who graces his devotees with (his sister) Annai.
  70. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Provider of food and clothing.
  71. Salutations to Shri Babaji who is the essence, the collection of the nature of all Siddhas (Divine Masters).
  72. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Supreme Guru.
  73. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Embodiment of Truth, Existence (Life) & Bliss.
  74. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Destroyer of desire.
  75. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has wonderful form.
  76. Salutations to the Supreme Being.
  77. Salutations to Shri Babaji who is beyond everything.
  78. Salutations to Shri Babaji who is beyond Time.
  79. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has the powers to materialize anything by mere will.
  80. Salutations to Shri Babaji the illumined One.
  81. Salutations to Shri Babaji who grants all boons.
  82. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has beautiful Lotus like eyes.
  83. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has beautiful black & curly hair.
  84. Salutations to Shri Babaji who has a very beautiful face.
  85. Salutations to the Protector and Savior of righteous people.
  86. Salutations to Shri Babaji who removes & destroys all doubts.
  87. Salutations to the one who helps initiates to complete the kriya yoga (i.e. to achieve  perfection).
  88. Salutations to Shri Babaji who teaches all principles.
  89. Salutations to Shri Babaji who displays extreme mercy.
  90. Salutations to the giver of the complete fruits of kriya yoga.
  91. Salutations to Shri Babaji who sits in Padma-asana (i.e. Lotus posture).
  92. Salutations to Shri Babaji who preserves and protects the whole Universe.
  93. Salutations to the Lord of the Universe.
  94. Salutations to Shri Babaji who is Lord of Death.
  95. Salutations to the One who is limit-less.
  96. Salutations to Shri Babaji whose eyes are like Lotus petals.
  97. Salutations to Shri Babaji who greatly loves Purna Bhava Dyaan Kriya (i.e. completely engrossed meditation process).
  98. Salutations to the great Incarnate.
  99. Salutations to Shri Babaji who destroys Ego.
  100. Salutations to the One who has the (long) hair like a Rishi (sage).
  101. Salutations to the One who is worshiped by all kriya yogis.
  102. Salutations to Shri Babaji the Guru (Master) who teaches in silence (by telepathy).
  103. Salutations to the Lord of the worlds.
  104. Salutations to the Ancient One who lives forever.
  105. Salutations to the Holy One who is doing good. 
  106. Salutations to Shri Babaji who teaches the essence of Silence.
  107. Salutations to the Giver of experience of non-duel bliss (i.e. the bliss of one-ness with the God). 
  108.  Salutations Salutations to our highly revered Shri Shri Shri Kriya Babaji.



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Dear readers, these 108 holy names of Shri Mahavatar Babaji are in Sanskrit language and written in English alphabet…..We are thankful to the composer of these beautiful names of shri Babaji. May these names bring divine grace & happiness in your life…..OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAH AUM…..MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


  1. Om shri bhagavan Babajiye namah:
  2. Om shri Buddha Gurave namah:
  3. Om shri Maha mrityunjayaay namah:
  4. Om shri Sarvagyanaay namah:
  5. Om shri Babaji Kriya yog prasarakaay namah:
  6. Om shri Bhakta-vatsalaay namah:
  7. Om shri Babaji Anant-kaal jeevite namah:
  8. Om shri Abhay pradaayine namah:
  9. Om shri Shakti pradaayine namah:
  10. Om shri Anaath-naathay namah:
  11. Om shri Prem-tattva bodhakaay namah:
  12. Om shri Kriya yog dayakaay namah:
  13. Om shri Shankaraay namah:
  14. Om shri Yogeshwaraay namah:
  15. Om shri Chin-mudra dharaay namah:
  16. Om shri Sarva siddhi pradaay namah:
  17. Om shri Kriya Babajiye namah:
  18. Om shri Siddha-yogi vanditaay namah:
  19. Om shri Kriya yog paddhati punar-uddharakaay namah:
  20. Om shri Mahakaaleshwaraay namah:
  21. Om shri Aadi Shankara param gurave namah:
  22. Om shri Jagat-rakshakaay namah:
  23. Om shri Kriya yog samrakshine namah:
  24. Om shri Kriya yog pradaay namah:
  25. Om shri Babaji Kriya-yogi janaha: rakshakaay namah:
  26. Om shri Babaji sarva mandali-ganaha: sad-gurave namah:
  27. Om shri Prem-murtaye namah:
  28. Om shri Babaji Yog-aasan priyaay namah:
  29. Om shri Babaji Gyaan-mudra dharaay namah:
  30. Om shri Satya-swarupaay namah:
  31. Om shri Nirakaar gurave namah:
  32. Om shri kaam-krodha dhvansine namah:
  33. Om shri Shiva-Shakti rupine namah:
  34. Om shri chitta-vritti nivaarine namah:
  35. Om shri Prem swarupaay namah:
  36. Om Loka-kalyaan gurave namah:
  37. Om shri Babaji Anant-kaal diptaay namah:
  38. Om shri Bhakta paripalanaay namah:
  39. Om shri Babaji Kriya yog saar pradaayine namah:
  40. Om shri Kriya-yogi-jana stutaay namah:
  41. Om shri Krishna-Arjuna samvaad rupi Kriya yog punar-uddharakaay namah:
  42. Om shri Babaji Naag-rajane namah:
  43. Om shri Ati-gambheera rupaay namah:
  44. Om shri Shanta-murtaye namah:
  45. Om shri Sarva-guna sampannaay namah:
  46. Om shri Jagat pitare namah:
  47. Om shri Sarva dukkha nivaarine namah:
  48. Om shri Babaji Kriya yog pradarshakaay namah:
  49. Om shri Kaal-Kaalay namah:
  50. Om shri Babaji sukha-shaanti pradaay namah:
  51. Om shri Bhakta-Hridaya vaasine namah:
  52. Om shri Jagat Pari-palakaay namah:
  53. Om shri Babaji Sarve-indriya damanaay namah:
  54. Om shri Sanatana Dharma rakshakaay namah:
  55. Om shri Siddheshwaraay namah:
  56. Om shri Maha-kaaya Babajiye namah:
  57. Om shri Kriya yog-achryaye namah:
  58. Om shri Bbaji sarva jeeva vaasine namah:
  59. Om shri Aatma-swarupaay namah:
  60. Om shri Agastiyar shishyaay namah:
  61. Om shri Babaji Para-muktaay namah:
  62. Om shri Babaji mahima-atmane namah:
  63. Om shri Babaji ati-sundar rupaay namah:
  64. Om shri Babaji Moha-Maaya vinaashakaay namah:
  65. Om shri Babaji Ananta-kaal saakshibhutaay namah:
  66. Om shri Babaji jyoti swarupaay namah:
  67. Om shri Babaji Kriya yog sampurnaay namah:
  68. Om shri Babaji kaarunya-murtaye namah:
  69. Om shri Babaji Annai samet anugraha pradaay namah:
  70. Om shri Babaji anna-vastra pradaay namah:
  71. Om shri Babaji sarva siddhi samashti swarupaay namah:
  72. Om shri Babaji param-gurave namah:
  73. Om shri Babaji Sachchidananda rupaay namah:
  74. Om shri Babaji Madanantakaay namah:
  75. Om shri Babaji adbhuta rupaay namah:
  76. Om shri Purushottamaay namah:
  77. Om shri Babaji sarva-atitaay namah:
  78. Om shri Babaji kaala-atitaay namah:
  79. Om shri Babaji Siddha-sankalpaay namah:
  80. Om shri Babaji Maha-tejaswine namah:
  81. Om shri Babaji sarva-vara pradaay namah:
  82. Om shri Babaji aravinda lochanaay namah:
  83. Om shri Babaji kutila-kuntala kesha dharaay namah:
  84. Om shri Babaji ati-sundara vadanaay namah:
  85. Om shri Babaji saadhu-jana samrakshakaay namah:
  86. Om shri Babaji sakala samshaya vinaashine namah:
  87. Om shri Babaji Kriya yog sampannaay namah:
  88. Om shri Babaji sakala tattva bodhakaay namah:
  89. Om shri Babaji ati-kaarunya pradarshakaay namah:
  90. Om shri Babaj kriya yog sampurna fala pradaykaay namah:
  91. Om shri Babaji padma-asane sthitaay namah:
  92. Om shri Babaji sarva-srishti samrakshakaay namah:
  93. Om shri  Akhileshwaraay namah:
  94. Om shri Babaji kaal-swamine namah:
  95. Om shri Anantaay namah:
  96. Om shri Babaji padma-dala-netraay namah:
  97. Om shri Babaji purna-bhaav-dhyaan Kriya yog priyaay namah:
  98. Om shri Avataar Purushaay namah:
  99. Om shri Babaji Aham-bhaav damanaay namah:
  100. Om shri Rishi-keshaay namah:
  101. Om shri Kriya-yogi-janaha: vanditaay namah:
  102. Om shri Babaji Mouna-Gurave namah:
  103. Om shri Vishweshwaraay namah:
  104. Om shri Sanatanaay namah:
  105. Om shri Punya swarupaay namah:
  106. Om shri Babaji Mouna tattva bodhakaay namah:
  107. Om shri Abheda-Ananda anubhava pradaay namah:
  108. Om shri shri shri Kriya Babaji namo namah:



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COSMOS 1 (2)

The Ultimate Secret of this world is The GOD Himself. Let us have some idea about – “THE DIVINE PROPERTIES OF THE SUPREME GOD”

The Supreme God i.e. The Lord of entire creation is ONLY ONE [Though we call Him by many names according to our own faith & religion].

He is the GREATER SELF throughout the universe & He is aware about Himself that – He is The “GOD” – i.e. The Super power that rules over the world.


He is the Ultimate Reality.

He is Independent, Indestructible & Undivided.

He is Invisible and Homogeneous Subtle-most Living Medium of Pure Consciousness.

He is the Origin of all Life and finally every Soul returns to Him Only.

He is the Creator, Protector, Guardian, Mentor & Destroyer of this world.

He is beyond the TIME & SPACE.

He is the TIME Himself.

He is the SPACE for the creation.


God is INFINITE because He has neither beginning nor an end.

God can not be created nor destroyed.

He is Omnipresent i.e. present everywhere.

He is Omnipotent i.e. having all types of powers & energies.

He is Omniscient i.e. having all types of knowledge & information.

He is the main source of all Wisdom.

He is incomparable with any other things or elements.

He is pure Life-energy.

He is pure Bliss.

God is pure Existence & “Father” of the creation, as He gives SOUL (Life) to the creatures, and His Energy is the “Mother” of the creation as the Energy gives physical body to the Soul and as everything / everybody of the material world is made-up of Energy.

God is NON-DUEL (MONO) in nature & is “SINGLE”, while His Energy is of DUEL nature, and have countless forms.

He plays the game of evolution from – Lower to Higher nature – & from Higher to Super nature – & from Super to The Divine nature.

He is pure Love towards the entire creation.

He is in the form of Cosmic Sound of “OM”, which is the Origin of all the Sound Frequencies.

He is in the form of ” WHITE LIGHT” which is the Origin of all the various colors.

Scarcity of God’s substance is in the form of the “DARK ENERGY” & “BLAKE HOLE”, which can suck any other types of energies of the Creation.

Density of God’s substance is in the form of – The Sun, The Stars & The Nebulae…..which emits “Light of Life”.




He has Omnipresent Senses.

He knows everything.

He has Magnetic properties and He can ATTRACT or REPEL.

He has free Electricity (Shakti) which forms Atomic & Sub-Atomic particles within the magnetic field / medium of The Supreme God Himself.

God can attract these particles (by the Magnetic Power of Attraction) to form different types of substances i.e. this entire visible world is made-up by God, like this only…..

God can animate the bodies of creatures for different purposes, by moving them with His Magnetic power.

God can disperse off the particles of a substance (by removing Magnetic force from the Atomic bonds of that substance) to destroy it.

God Himself enters & lives inside every physical body of the creation in the form of a little “IMMORTAL STAR / SOUL” (Which is of a High density of the God’s substance & sparkling like a Diamond). That STAR Governs the entire body and fulfill the needs of that body – by attracting the needed substance & other helping people… sustain the life of that particular body…….The Star also helps to get connected with the SUPREME GOD (because the Star / Soul has the same properties in a smaller magnitude as that of the Supreme God). This Star gives the realization of existence of that living being as – “I AM EXISTING”……..Therefore the IMMORTAL STAR is our TRUE identity / Real Self…..and the physical identity is our “False Ego”……

God gives knowledge & intuition to living creatures to sustain the life & to make new things in this world.

God can attract the group of people, having specific qualities to carry out different types of projects.

God can attract the people having similar interests.

God can repel the odd type of people.

God can attract the Star / Soul from a body for shifting it into an another body, due to which the previous physical body dies. This is the real Secret of “Death”.

God gives (constructs) another body for a Soul to make its further progress possible. This is the Secret process of a new “Birth”.

God can shift / move people from one place to the another place for their progress.

God constantly make new arrangements (arrange & re-arrange circumstances) in the world to make the life of creatures more better and to run the world in a better way.

Everything is floating within the ocean of God.

He is unfathomable.

He is non-perishable.

He plays with the Atomic & Sub-Atomic particles.

He can “DO” anything by His strong Magnetic power.

He can “UN-DO” anything in His creation.

He can make changes & again do it differently.

He can design circumstances of the “Future” according to the level of consciousness & karmas (deeds) of an individual.

He shows the right-path to those who by mistake goes in wrong direction & prays for His help.

He is always there to help & guide to them, who seek help from Him in a humble way.

He lets “Free” those who are “Ego-based” people to make mistakes / bad karmas (deeds) & afterwards to face the consequences of their wrong deeds, and to learn the hard lesson from their mistakes.

He is the only help & hope in this world, because He can do anything at anytime and anywhere.

He is Almighty.

He takes many Incarnations in the form of Divine beings to show the “Right-path” of living.

He wants complete surrender of the personal Ego, then only He takes the responsibility to run the life of a devoted person on the Right-path of the Divine progress.

He can help through any physical body as His temporary “Medium”.

His ways of working are simple & effortless.

He can tell anything to us through “Sign-language”.

He can clear all the doubts of a person, who asks Him humbly.

He can reveal all the secrets to a person who remains always focused in Him with great reverence.

God has records of all the world happenings.

He has records of all the karmas (deeds) in the form of permanent audio-visual impressions in the space.

He knows everything about our thoughts, speech and action, so nobody can hide anything from God.

He gives the fruits of all good & bad karmas (deeds, actions). Only those who are guided by God & are living on the Right-path can remain untouched by the sorrows of this world.

For the direct guidance of God, one should surrender his personal Ego & has to remain in constant touch of the God, remembering Him with great devotion & reverence & by connecting with Him, using the specific God-union process called as “Kriya-Yoga” (The Third Eye Activation Process).

God is everything for us.

We are always under His obligation.

We can please God by giving – “Love & Selfless Service” to His creation.

God wants us to live in peace & Harmony in His beautiful world.

Prayers, Good thoughts, Best Wishes for entire world……with Good Hope & Pure Love in our heart & Helping nature – are the very bases of a “DIVINE LIFE”.


The full COSMOS field (UltraVISTA)

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For free download of Shri Mahavatar Babaji Sahastra Namavali [Thousand Holy Names of Shri Babaji] pdf. please click on :-

Shri Mahavatar Babaji Sahastra Naamavali-3

About Shri Mahavatar Babaji Sahastra Namavali :-

With the Divine Grace of Shri Mahavatar Babaji, we are very glade to present one thousand holy names of  Babaji to our good readers with lots of love & best wishes. These names are in Sanskrit language and written in English alphabet.

These thousand names represent the spiritual qualities, powers and achievements of Shri Babaji which gives us an idea of his divine personality as well as we can learn the path-way of Divinity & Immortality by studying these names, Which helps us to get connected with the “Mahavatar consciousness”.

As these holy names of Babaji are for all the devotees of Babaji all over the world, therefore there is NO COPYRIGHT over these names, So any sincere devotee can download, copy, save, print, share and translate these names in their own language (without changing the meaning of the names) for well being of maximum people, because these holy names contains the power to spread peace, harmony & divine love in all over the world.

We are thankful to the owners of the beautiful pictures of Babaji, which are used to make our presentation more effective to feel Babaji’s divine presence…….Thank you all good readers……MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL……OM KRIYA BABAJI NAMAH AUM….

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