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FOR MY GUJARATI READERS ONLY :- This is the unpublished secret last part -3 – of the famous Gujarati Novel – “SRI YOGINI KUMARI” by Shriman Vishwavandhya – To read the YOGINI KUMARI PART -3 pdf. file – please click on this link for free download of the amazing story……


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Click on this Link to see the video =


Tamil Rajinikanth movie – BABA – Mahavatar Babaji scene is available (also with English sub-titles) on YouTube.

A must watch video clip from Tamil movie “Baba” – In which, Great Immortal Master Babaji initiates the hero (Rajinikanth) of the film, into “KRIYA YOGA” (The Third Eye activation process)…….The mind blowing scene of meeting with the Great Master Babaji – shown in the movie, is based on the “REAL ASTRAL VISIT EXPERIENCE”……!!!

To learn more about the topic of Third Eye, Ambrosia & Immortality – please visit my article – SECRETS OF IMMORTALITY

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Shri Yantra represents  “THE HOLY MOTHER” of all the universes – i.e. “MULA PRAKRITI” – MOTHER NATURE – Origin of all the creation – Source of all Power / Energy / Life force……That’s why Shri Yantra is worshiped as “THE DIVINE MOTHER”…..!

This Yantra represents – UNIVERSAL ENERGY SYSTEM – as well as – OUR OWN ENERGY BODY – Which contains different types of energies – roughly classified as – Physical, Vital, Mental, Intellectual & Spiritual energies – shown in the symbol in the manner of concentric whirls – From the outermost whirl of Physical energy – To the innermost “CENTRAL POINT” of the Spiritual energy, respectively.

It shows that, in our path of spiritual progress – we convert our “Out-going” physical, vital, mental & intellectual energies into “In-coming” Spiritual energy – Which is a focused type of energy – perfect “ONE POINTEDNESS” – That is the center of the Yantra……& that is the secret of all the creation – “ONE SINGLE POINT IS THE ORIGIN OF EVERYTHING” – OR – we can say that – “ONE SINGLE THOUGHT IS THE ORIGIN OF ALL THE CIRCUMSTANCES IN OUR LIFE” – So this “Little point” is the most important thing…..If one can focus on each & every thought, one will have mastery over – What to do or what  not to do – & thus, one can have mastery over one’s own fate – by doing only good deeds – which results in happiness & joy & NOT doing any bad deeds – resulting in pain, sorrow & suffering – because it is the universal law of “KARMA” – That “WHAT WE DO TO OTHERS – IT COMES BACK TO US”……..Therefore, all the YOGIES (Aspirants who practice Yoga) give a great importance to the small “Initial Point” of anything – because it is the point of creation of – forthcoming all the circumstances in our life – Which may be constructive or destructive in nature….!

Shri Yantra helps the aspirant to “FIX THE GAZE” on the central point for a long time & thus, increasing the power of concentration i.e. One-pointedness…..Which is useful to understand any difficult subjects & in carrying out hard tasks successfully. It also helps in increasing mental power & makes will-power stronger. Also promotes good mental & physical health by helping the aspirant to keep calm & remain unshakable in difficult situations.

Shri Yantra attracts positive energies & helps in making a good friendly healthy atmosphere in our house.

Higher detailed study of Shri Yantra helps us to understand – How to activate all the types of energies shown in Yantra as different Goddesses/Devies – in each petals or small triangles of every whirl……Each energy/devi is activated by her own seed/beeja mantra (mystic single letter sound formula) given in the Yantra – recited in specific manner & number – as guided by the Master of this subject……and this is done step by step from the outermost whirl to the innermost central point – which is known as – The Supreme Mother of all – “SHRI MATAJI” or “SHRI DEVI”.

When the aspirant reaches to this central point outwards in Shri Yantra & inwards at the focused state of “INNER DIVINE STAR GAZING” – That is the spiritual perfection of the aspirant….(When the Third Eye is activated by the process of “KRIYA YOGA” – the inner Divine Star is seen & one has to fix the gaze on that star to achieve Divine Grace & FRESH LIFE FORCE)…..& the aspirant experiences Divine state of peace, universal love, Divine bliss, perfect wisdom & gains the Mercy of God…..Now, he have to maintain that state & practice to remain in it. In India, this supreme state of – TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE & BLISS – is known as – “SAT – CHIT – ANANDA” OR “SACCHIDANANDA” – Which is considered as the higher most point of spiritual perfection.

Thus, Shri Yantra helps us in completing our spiritual progress & also helps in converting our ordinary human nature in to the Divine nature…..This transformation gives us a happy & self content life…..Thank you my good readers…..”May God Bless You All”.

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417180-bigthumbnailk12  Dear readers, what do you think about the closed secret chamber of Sri Padmanabha Swamy Temple of South India ? – We believe that, this chamber is the SECRET TUNNEL going straight way to the “Land of Immortals”!!!

How we can say like this ? Let me try to explain = There are symbols of two “NAGAS” (i.e. Serpents) on the door of the secret chamber – HERE is the code !!

The term “NA + GA”(in Sanskrit) is the real secret…….It’s secret meaning is :- “NA”= NO…..& “GA” = GO…….

OR we can say that “GA” is the word for “Gaman” (sanskrit) or “DEATH” !! Therefore “NA GA S” are the people who “DON’T GO” from this world i.e. The term “NA GA” is used for the “IMMORTALS” in code language……& thus, the symbolic NAGAS on the door of the chamber suggest that – THIS IS THE SECRET WAY GOING TO THE “NA GA LOKA” i.e. “THE LAND OF IMMORTALS” – (Which is the inner earth heaven called “AGARTHA”- If you wish, you can visit the website about “Agartha”).

In “RAMAYANA”, Devi Sita was the daughter of mother earth & at the end, she went to this inner earth land of Immortals……i.e. NA GA LOKA !!! This is the greatest secret of Ramayana (The legendary story of Lord Ram)……..After that, Lord Ram & his brother Lakshmana also went to this secret inner earth heaven (which is also known as “Vishnu loka” having the sea of white waters – i.e. “Ksheera sagar”/Ocean of milky waters !!) through under water secret entrance of Agartha inside the holy river Sarayu – what we believe as their JAL SAMAADHI (i.e. submergence in the holy waters of river Sarayu) in the eyes of this world of mortals……BUT the real secret is that – They (LORD RAM, SITA DEVI & LAKSHMANA) were “IMMORTALS”…….& they gave promise to the God of Death (Kaal Purusha) to keep this matter confidential……!!!

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Secret of “Ramayana”

ramaRam-Navami-3                         Dear good readers, Hindu deity Lord Sri Ram is very famous. He is considered as seventh incarnation/avatar (Avatar = Descent of Divinity in human form ) of Lord Sri Vishnu ( In Sanskrit, “Vishnu” means Omnipresent Supreme GOD).

“Ramayana” is epic poem depicting the breath taking adventurous story of Sri Ram & his consort Sita devi, brother Lakshmana & friend Monkey God Hanumana – all of them having miraculous powers & knowledge of secret science of Immortality !!

They fought against “Ravana” who was the king of demons & symbolically he was “DEATH” itself !! (Ravana means, a “Demon” who makes “Everyone cry” = Thus, symbolically “Death” is described here as Ravana)!!

Lord Ram conquered Ravana (& became an Immortal – THAT is the secret in this story). Thus, we can understand that “Ramayana” is the story of -“How Lord Ram achieved IMMORTALITY ?”

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My another website –

FOR GUJARATI READERS ONLY:- My Gujarati book “Chitra Rahasyam” pdf. file is now available on my new website – we request our Gujarati readers to visit the website……The book is based on the subject of secret codes of immortality science in mythology / Yoga vidya / Rasa vidya & many other VERY interesting topics……Thank you.

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